Get inspired! Samples of Funded RISCA Project Grants in Education

Get inspired!  Samples of Funded RISCA Project Grants in Education

Connecting for Children & Families received $6,200 for “Woonsocket High School After School Arts”. This program taught by roster teaching artists and qualified instructors, will increase access to arts learning and improve related fine arts skills for up to 100 at-risk students in the 2016-2017 academic year. Program offerings will include: Dance, Visual Art, Jewelry Design, Weaving & Theatre.
At Paul Cuffee Charter School in Providence, roster teaching artist Keith Munslow will join lower school for “Monday Morning Song” throughout the school year.  The $3,250 grant will also allow the artist to work, in collaboration with classroom teachers, on children's songs, folktales and puppets to teach them story-telling skills.
South Kingstown CARES received $5,000 for “From the Ground Up”, an original, multi-disciplinary performance at Peace Dale Elementary School.The entire learning community will explore geology, archeology, paleontology and earth science subjects through the arts. Working with GEMS-NET and GEAR Productions (with roster teaching artist Beth Berry) the school will create an exciting new show keyed to the Next Generation Science Standards. 
WHAT DO FUNDED EDUCATION PROPOSALS HAVE IN COMMON?  Artists with a proven track record of artistic quality and working in schools (either from the RISCA Education roster or strong supporting materials); Evidence of thorough planning involving the artist and many facets of the school community; Evidence of integration with the curriculum; Clear and realistic goals for the project; A preliminary timeline/schedule for the project; A process of evaluation.
Any school or educational entity may apply for these matching grants.  For more information contact Dan Kahn @ 401/222-1146 or  For information on Folk/Community Arts and artists contact Elena Calderon Patiño @ 401/222-6996 or  Elena.Patiñ