Attend RISCA's Social Media for Artists Workshop on September 12


Social media has evolved at a dizzying pace over the past few years. Facebook – once an online tool for a single American university, the ultimate social network is now used by one in nine people on this planet and accounts for 30 billion pieces of content shared each and every day. Twitter is adding half a million new accounts per day, Google+ has more than 25 million users and YouTube is generating a colossal 92 billion page views every month.
For artists, this represents a vast and growing audience just waiting to be tapped; alongside the additional social media sites that are specialized for promoting artists – whether performance, visual, literary and/or teaching.
Come to this workshop to learn about:

  • Evaluating the most effective social media to promote yourself as an individual artist.
  • Developing a phased plan and schedule to incorporate the social media that is right for you as a beginner, intermediate or experienced user. 
  • Targeting audiences
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • Efficiently maintaining your presence online – developing a maintenance plan that fits you and your lifestyle. 


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