RI Teaching Artists Center Receives Another Round of RI Foundation Financial Support

RITAC is pleased to announce we are again the recipients of a grant from the RI Foundation. 

We are thankful for their support, enabling us to carry out our dual focus of teaching artists working in healthcare and in education. The RITAC plan  calls for expanding public understanding of the value of teaching artists across both sectors, beginning to document the work of teaching artists , and offering engaging professional development opportunities for artists with a twin commitment to creating and teaching.

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) conference held in August was a good example of incorporating the healthcare and education goals that are built into RITAC’s plan.  For more on the UDL conference, go here (link) or see the article in this issue. Thanks to the RI Foundation for recognizing the important contribution of teaching artists in making Rhode Island a good place to create, learn, and live.