Make . teach . prosper (continued)

               Welcome back! As promised, we will be featuring a few more steps on how to advance your career as a teaching artist! But before we start, a quick recap on how to further your career from last post (October 4, 2015):

1.     Form a professional mission statement.

Ask yourself what your goals are, how you will achieve those goals, and why you want to achieve them.

2.     Develop a teaching methodology.

Flesh our your answers as to how you will achieve your goals.

3.     Create and/or read blogs and websites.

You need to get your name out there and the Internet is the perfect vehicle for doing so! Also, you never know what you may learn on the Internet (note: this is not always a good thing…)

And now, it’s time for some new tips suggestions:

4.     Build a network of other artists.

This is of course why you are here! Building networks and relationships with other artists is essential to learning new skills and expanding your professional and personal horizons. Other artists, as well as friends, family members, etc. can provide a support network for times when you may need help taking a new step in your career. Just remember to surround yourself with people who have faith in you and your work and will always support you.

5.     Have a good headshot.

The saying goes that “a picture if worth a thousand words” (although I don’t think that is nearly enough words to describe many photographs or paintings).  A lot of times, we forget how important several good headshots for our websites or LinkedIn profiles really are when leaving an impression. And it’s so easy! Just get out your phone and go have a mini photo shoot!

6.     Create a business card.

We’ve all been to events where we leave with five million business cards. And there is always that one person who has a business card that just blows us away. Where did they come up with this? So professional, yet so fun! The point is to leave an impression. Business cards leave impressions and are less likely to get lost when you give them to someone. So make a few, hand them out at the next event you go to. You never know who is going to call you!

7.     Continue to practice making art.

I know this sounds a bit silly. How can artists forget to create art? But sometimes we get busy, out jobs take over our lives, and we forget to actually live. Never forget that you are a teaching artist who creates art as well as teaches. The creation of art is necessary to your teaching ability.

8.     Make use of the apps on your smartphone

There are so many amazing apps out there (There are also so many useless apps out there: do not use those). From social media apps (Instagram and Facebook) to productivity apps (Evernote and Dropbox), apps are the way to go. Here is a short list of the apps that you must have:

·       Evernote: Welcome to your new organizer. Evernote can be use for notetaking, organizing, and archiving any information that you want and need. You can create “notes” that contain photographs, voice memos, computer files, etc. The app can be used to keep track of finances and projects.

·       Instagram: This popular app will allow you to take pictures of your work and post them on the Internet.

·       Dropbox: This app is a must. Left your laptop at home and need a file? No problem. This app allows you to save files and access them on any device. Problem solved.

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of these easy suggests! Please take some time to try a few of them out and letting us know how they worked. We would love to see your headshots below in the comments! Also, most of these tips are from the booklet below, written by Lynn Johnson. You may want to take some time to look it over as it gives so much, amazing information on this topic. We look forward to hearing from you.