"There is clear evidence that a patient's physical well being is fundamentally linked to their emotional and spiritual well being and that the expressive arts can play a decisive role in promoting overall health." RI Hospital Healing Arts Program

"Despite budget cuts, increased digitization, and the time commitment required for high-stakes standardized tests, the arts have retained their place in American education. Currently, 27 states identify the arts as a core academic subject, and another 49 states plus the District of Columbia have adopted elementary and secondary standards for the arts." (4.24.2016) -  Education News

“The creative process can help people cope better with stress, help them work through difficult experiences, and improve mood,”

Barbara Ostrove, director of occupational therapy at Butler Hospital

"Until your staff presented my son with the opportunity to do artwork, he was having a poor recovery. A Museum on Rounds staff member came in carrying an example of a mask that Luke could make.  Luke left the hospital the very next day. Art can reach deeper than a mother's wish. It soothes unreachable places in our psyches." -Pam (Hasbro Childrens Hospital satisfied customer)

"Careful analysis of student data and evaluation of arts education programs has shown that learning in the arts is strongly correlated with improved student behavior, attendance, engagement in school, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, social development, and, yes, even test scores,” said Nick Rabkin, principal investigator for the study. “The positive effects are most significant for low-income students.   Given the data, art education should not be a perpetual candidate for funding cuts, but a core element of education reform.”                     Nick Rabkin, principal investigator, NORC Study, University of Chicago